Laying down with my eyes closed and my headphones on, before a match during the llkely tournament, I get a video call from my girlfriend. She was very excited and did not know how to tell me the big news.


As the end of the year approaches, I wanted to write a brief retrospect of the 2019 season for you. After an intense winter training...


Because many of you asked me how a regular day in the training season looks for me, I decided, together with my strength and conditioning coach, Lucian Nicolescu, to write an article with all...


During 2018 I had plenty of beautiful moments that I really apperciate when I think back. In the thank-you letter I mentioned just a few of the people who took part to...


I thought I’d write an end-of-year letter. As you know, I’ve tried to share with you a few words about my experience from a few tournaments. But for today, I decided to talk a bit about...


Every time I get to Cluj I talk to the journalist Ovidiu Blag. And I'm always happy to answer his questions. I did it again this week, when I'm going to play with great love for Romania in the Davis Cup.

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