It’s a boy!

It’s a boy!

Laying down with my eyes closed and my headphones on, before a match during the llkely tournament, I get a video call from my girlfriend. She was very excited and did not know how to tell me the big news.

After she told me that we were going to be parents, I got stuck and I didn't know what to say. I was so happy! In fact, I just said: interesting...

Realizing that I was in a slight shock, she gave me some time to digest the information. 

In that moment I ran immediately to my coach, Andrei Pavel, who was watching a tennis match, to tell him the big news. We were both very happy. I saw the enthusiasm on his face when he started to tell me how he felt when he got the same news.

I told my parents about this only after 1 or 2 weeks.

The conversation with my mother was funny and it sounded like this:

Me: Mom, we will have a new family member!
Mom: Oooo, did you give Thor the montage? Did you find him a cat? (for those who don't know, Thor is my cat).

After all these beautiful events, now I want to share the news with you, those who follow me and support me regardless of the results.

Ramona is feeling very good, she’s having a light pregnancy and she is very excited for the magical moment when she is going to see our little one for the first time. The baby is more active every day, he likes to kick the belly, but otherwise he is a good boy.

We are grateful and happy for the miracle with which we have been blessed!

I hope that the pregnancy will run smoothly and that we will have an easy birth.


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bacan 13.11.2019
va doresc multa fericire impreuna cu micutul !
Georgiana 12.11.2019
Felicitari! Cea mai frumoasa veste!
Juulianoooo 12.11.2019
Beautiful mama
Zaharie 11.11.2019
Doamne ajuta! Sa fie intr-un ceas bun!
Alex 11.11.2019

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