Washington - Citi Open

Washington - Citi Open

I arrived in Washington a few days earlier than expected so I decided to take a walk to the White House LinconIn Memorial and the Washington Monument. 

On Monday, when the first match was scheduled, I was ready to play around 3:00PM, but the match was postponed until midnight because of the rain. I'm glad I was able to take a rematch against Mirza Basic after the painful defeat at the Sofia Open finals, at the beginning of the year. I knew exactly what mistakes I made in that match so I didn’t repeat them again this time. I just had to change my tactics. The match ended around 2:00AM, but taking into account the time I needed for recovery, I got to go to sleep at 3:30AM. It was my first experience with a match played at such a late hour so I'm glad I had a one day break and I was able to recover for the second round.

In the 2nd round I made a rematch, this time with Jérémy Chardy. Chardy, who came after a very good season on grass and with great self-confidence. I knew it will be a difficult match where I had to take advantage of any chance and give it all to win. And that's exactly what I did.

And what a nice match I had the next evening, against Andy Murray. The match started at 00:01AM and ended at 3:05AM. Three hours of great play from both of us, with many unforgettable points. I have to admit that I am sorry I did not make a hat trick in Washington. It was a very long evening, I finished the whole program at 5:30AM. In the last match, against Murray, I went out there thinking that I just want to make a nice match and that's why I approached a wrong tactic. I really believed in my victory, I wanted to be aggressive and to get to the net more often, to have shorter points, etc. I had 0-30 on his service for about 6 times and I think those were the time when I started to hesitate a little and did not feel the pressure anymore.

But in the end, the Washington tour was a nice one, with great achievements for me and I am sure everything will be better and better.

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Gabi 08.08.2018
Am văzut meciul de la fața locului și nu mi’a părut rău ca am stat pana la 3 dimineața.. Am fost si la Roland Garros si am văzut meciul cu Cecchinato... greu de uitat și ăla. Sper sa te văd la Cincinnati! Bafta!!!
Și exact ce spune si Ashley... frumos și apreciat gestul tău de a sta un pic cu fanii la poze și alte d’alea... știu ca e greu după ce pierzi... da’ ăstora care au stat acolo și te’au încurajat toate noaptea le’a picat bine chiar și o strângere de mâna. :)
Ashley 06.08.2018
I was very impressed with the match and have become such a fan of you. You played well and it was just unfortunate to have to play so late. Even afterwards you still came over to sign and even took a selfie with me which was much appreciated. I was even contemplating asking for your shirt but was too shy to ask. Hopefully you got to enjoy the DC area a little bit beforehand. It has a lot of history as far as important political landmarks. Thank you for such a great match and for being a great fan favorite! Hope to see you soon!

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