Eric Sturdza Bank

Eric Sturdza Bank

Some of you may think that to be a professional tennis player is easy: you get to travel a lot, make new friends, take good Instagram pictures, have a lot of fans to appreciate you, and so on. You’re not totally wrong if you think so, but the said issues have another side, too. The one which you’d rather prefer not to think about.

Let’s say, for instance, that when you travel a lot, you may get to the point where you feel like you don’t belong anywhere; and when you socialize a lot, it’s harder to have those few best friends which you could totally trust; and yes, you train, and it is fun, but there is also lots of pain, and lots of physical and mental effort.

Besides, money and financial support are extremely important if you want to succeed as a professional tennis player. There are many talented children who cannot develop their special gift because they lack the money. It is also true that once you make your way through the top, you cannot complain about the financial part. But in order to be better, financial support is crucial.

What’s the point of all this - you might ask, and what does it mean for Marius Copil’s career as a professional tennis player? Well, I just wanted to create a context to present you my partnership with the Eric Sturdza Bank.

Eric Sturdza Group’s devotion to performance and sport works wonders.

For the passionate tennis fans, it may not be a surprise the fact that the Eric Sturdza Group has a tradition with supporting performance in sports, due to the family’s background as sport lovers. Tennis is among them, and I had the chance to become a partner of this amazing Swiss bank, which is a very professional institution, located in the heart of Geneva.

How could I not be happy to be a partner of Eric Sturdza Bank, when their core values represent me? Their professionalism resides behind values such as passion, perseverance, determination, team spirit and a taste for accomplishment.

The Eric Sturdza Group not only sponsored along the years the most renowned professional tennis players in the world (and I am proud to be one of them), but they also sponsored  some of the biggest and most important tennis tournaments ever (such as the Geneva Tournament).

Plus, the wealth management system of the Eric Sturdza Bank is pretty impressive. They work only with private clients, serving a very safe environment for our assets. Personalized investment services are another major facility offered by the Swiss Bank, which makes it even better.

Due to their efforts, professional tennis players and the world of tennis in general is greater and is able to develop. I am proud to be a partner of the Eric Sturdza Bank, and I would recommend their services to anyone.

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