Three reasons why Marius Copil says tennis is a good sport for your body’s health

Three reasons why Marius Copil says tennis is a good sport for your body’s health

As a performance athlete, I'm always on the move from morning till night. When I’m not training on the tennis court, I go for a run or you can find me at the gym. To give you an idea about how my training looks like, when I train for a tournament, I exercise three times a day, six days per week.

It became a lifestyle since I was little and it makes me always feel in shape, not to mention the benefits for my mental health. During a tennis match, your body requires strength and flexibility in order to move around the court. Tennis also tests your mental and physical endurance and can be extremely exhausting.

Did you know that the longest tennis match in the tennis history lasted over 11 hours? During a “normal length” singles match you can expect to burn almost 600 calories. This is because tennis requires you to constantly be on the move.

I always recommend tennis for one’s physical and also psychological health. Any tennis match is actually a suite of a thousand sprinters and it’s not me, Marius Copil, who says it, but the famous Bjorn Borg. Well, I want to underline the fact that the tougher the game is, the comparison could rise up do 2000 sprinters. Especially if your competitor is part of TOP 50 ATP.

Studies show that tennis, as well as running, increases the heart rate for long periods of time, just like interval training does. Don’t worry about your heart. British and Scottish doctors all confirm that my favourite sport reduces the risk of death by 47%. 

So why is tennis the best sport of them all? While many sports leave people strong in some areas of their body and weaker in others, tennis is unique in the way that it requires strength from the whole body. On the court you are permanently required to be on the move.  Every movement requires input from your whole body whether you are running, spinning or changing direction. 

I don’t think there are too many sports you can compare with the white sport. In tennis you have the intensity of a boxing game mixed with the elegant moves from a ballet class. I would love to see more and more people on the tennis court, using all their energy for a strong and healthy body.

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