#SpeedTestChallenge: Is Huawei Watch GT 2e as active as I am?

#SpeedTestChallenge: Is Huawei Watch GT 2e as active as I am?

I like a good challenge. And I always say YES, expecially to those which make my blood run. This is what I did last week as well, when the people from HUAWEI challenged me to attend a race alongside Dani Oțil and Cătălin Cazacu, two champions who are in love with sports at least as much as I am. Adrenaline, speed and passion - this is how the experience on the Motor Park Romania circuit both looked and felt like.

Step by step towards a heart rate of 120

Before I will tell you what exactly happened there, I must say that I did not come unprepared at all. For two weeks, I trained myself for this challenge, and those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I had an extremely useful personal trainer, who keept track of me permanently and who determined me give my best for #SpeedChallenge. And the results came immediately after.

We met early in the morning on the circuit. It was me, holding my favorite racket, Dani in his super race car, and Cătălin, riding his motorbike with which he won important victories. We equipped ourselves properly and, the endurance piece of the race equipment was, of course, the Huawei Watch GT 2e smartwatch, the star of the event. We put our watches on our wrists, set them accordingly, started warming up and lined up at the start.

I have to admit, I was nervous. Even if I have one of the most powerful services in the world, of 243 km, I had to face a super car and a super motorbike with a high horsepower. And two champions in races. At the starting line, the heart rate had already risen. A simple look at the Huawei Watch GT 2e and I knew exactly that the adrenaline made its presence felt. It was exactly like when I enter the field and I know that an important game is waiting for me.

3, 2, 1, GO! And the race began. I started my service, while Dani and Cătălin started to accelerate. And, after each one of us showed their best, the most funny challenge appeared: an 100m running race, with no racket, no car, no motorbike. Just us and Huawei Watch GT 2e. If you're wondering who refereed the race, no, I didn't have a referee. Not an ordinary one, but a very, very special one: the newest smartwatch in HUAWEI's portfolio, which does its job properly.

The referee was also the one who decided who won this #SpeedChallenge. And not only this. It has kept us constantly connected with our heartbeat and the number of calories burned. At the end of the race, my watch was showing the following data: a timing of 00:14:10, a heart rate of 120 and 238 burned calories. Dani achieved a timing of 00:14:46, he had a heart rate of 131 and he burned 246 calories. Cătălin also registred a record time of 00:14:31, a heart rate of 138 and the highest number of calories burned, 311. We also have proof for this!

What do I like about Huawei Watch GT 2e?

Now that I have tested under all circumstances, both in the usual ones (going to the gym, walking outdoors, training on the field), and in those in which the adrenaline reaches even higher levels (as it was at Adâncata), I can say my favorite functions remain monitoring my heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Two very important aspects in the life of an athlete and to which I am always extremely attentive. Nothing can be as simple as that: I put my watch on my wrist and, whenever I want to make sure the values are normal, my smart personal assistant updates me. And one more thing that completely caught my attention: the two-week battery life! Yes, for two weeks, the Huawei Watch GT 2e does not need any charging. I tested it and I was convinced.

What do I not like about Huawei Watch GT 2e?

I have to admit. I do not like the fact that sometimes it is more active than me. It is extremely active even when I need time to rest. :))

What will you like about Huawei Watch GT 2e?

With the right design for any moment of the day and the latest features put at our disposal, the smartwacth is available here. So, if you need a new sports coach, look for the watch in HUAWEI's partner stores and enjoy all the summer experiences with it!

Finally, a big thank you to HUAWEI for this challenge. Also, thank you Dani and Cătălin for this experience, always up for a second round.

DIf you want to feel a little of the adrenaline on the Adâncata circuit and see us in action, click here.

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