More power, more pleasure: BMW

More power, more pleasure: BMW

If someone tells you that they love tennis, yet they hate speed, don’t believe them. Seriously. It’s impossible not to love speed when you have a true passion for tennis, which I proudly happen to have. Thus, my passion for cars and motorsport is kind of natural, I’d say.

Maybe you all question what I love the most about tennis; and there are a lot of things to say, but by simply thinking about the rigor of this sport, in a conceptual sense, I get fascinated. No other sport is such psychologically captivating as tennis, really. There’s something about the perfection of the angles, about the commanding application of the spin, and about the huge power of the serve, which has the potential to reduce distances to bits of seconds. And when it happens to find these very elements into a car brand… magic happens.

With a passion for cars, comes a passion for BMW - sustained by Automobile Bravaria Group.

I am so happy to be a part of the BMW’s Friend of Brand program as an Ambassador for Automobile Bavaria Group Dealership. I gladly accepted this partnership, as BMW happens to be my favorite car brand, and it was not only a thrilling opportunity for me to get closer to the car line I love, but also an honor.

Through the years of working with BMW, I had the pleasure to drive all their awesome car models, and I can gladly say that this was a dream of mine since I was little, which came true. Now, the hardest part is to pick a single BMW car as The One.

It would be insulting to say that I dislike some models, because there is something fascinating about each one of them. As I already said, I find in the BMW cars the elements for which I love tennis: the aesthetics of the BMW’s cars design is similar to the conceptual perfection and geometry of tennis; the efficiency of the said cars is resembling the dynamism and excitement of a captivating tennis game, where in the end, you win. And the joy of racing is the same joy of getting another victory while playing tennis.

Yet, I am really fond of the BMW M2, car that Automobile Bavaria Group gave the chance to drive. You know, one can have too many passions, but one will always be more important than others. This car represents me, as it inspires confidence and dynamism.

I like to get things done. It’s what I do. I play, I win. I lose, I learn. And I’m always getting better. And this is another thing which I found in the BMW M2 car: it is simple, small, and it focuses on efficiency and effect; it gets things done. There’s no fuss, there’s no mess, only an enjoyable sport car which makes your ride fabulous. That’s how I feel about it.

When you enjoy what you do and work really hard to achieve the best, you’ll find yourself constantly searching for connections and for expressions of your own personality. And in this scenario, the BMW car brand comes as a reflection of what I’ve become so far. With the promise of getting better and better, of course.

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