Everything in a logo

Everything in a logo

We all know that a logo is extremely important for a brand’s image. But when it comes to your personal image, a logo means more than that. It has to define your emotions, your style, your values, your passions, but it also needs to be easy on the eye.

After a brainstorming I had with the marketing agency, we decided the final version of my logo. It is not hard to understand why we chose the design of a tennis ball with the MC acronyms, but the real meaning of the logo stays in those acronym’s style.

Both, heart rate and emotions, go from high to low and reverse during a tennis match. And with these variations, everything changes. Happiness or disappointment, win or loss, getting a higher or a lower ATP ranking. You play each point thinking that all your game depends on it. It can be a break point, a match point or any another point that, if you play well, it will bring you the confidence you need to win the game. One shot can decide an entire match. It’s what causes the excitement, the adrenaline, the beauty of the white sport.

I still remember the match against Garcia Lopez in 2017, in Spain, at the Mutua Madrid Tennis Tournament. Everything was on the edge in the tie-break. I can say that I won the match because of that 15 shots point that ended in my favour when the score became 8-7 in tie-break. I think that the tears of joy at the end of the match said it all. That was the moment when I realised that I have overcome my limits, followed by a moment of release.
Also, I can’t forget that ace which helped me and and Horia Tecau win my first ever match in the Davis Cup, against Russia or the match point from 2012 against Marin Cilic. 

All these emotions motivated me to keep going, to love playing tennis, to want to get higher and higher in the ATP rankings and proudly wear this logo on my t-shirt.

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