Curious about Marius Copil’s other hobbies and passions?

Curious about Marius Copil’s other hobbies and passions?

I am one of the happy few that have the chance to actually combine my greatest passion with my life’s work. I love playing tennis and I do so professionally. But when it’s time to kick off my shoes, what do I do?

Well, for one thing, I love sports cars and always have. As a point of fact, speed is also indispensable in tennis, but these cars have an altogether different allure. It’s not just the racing, the top speeds and courageous drifts for me. It’s also about form and angle, aerodynamics and style. Yes, speed is kind of the whole point, but there is so much more going on in the background.

There’s a lot of passion put into this by a lot of different people, from the designers of the cars, all the way up to the mechanics at the pit stop and the drivers. It truly is incredible how a team of dedicated people make shine an otherwise lifeless machine, and manage to turn it into an object of both glory and admiration. Thus, I thoroughly enjoy researching new models, engines and prototypes that hit the markets or the circuit.

Marius Copil, about MotoGP and other hobbies.

Speaking of circuits, I also watch MotoGP. Very exciting stuff. In fact, I am very excited about it, I can’t say I’m a fanatic but I do try to watch every race. In-between, I do enjoy watching football matches and rugby, too. I dabbled a bit in both when I was a young boy, and, like most sports, it’s like a virus. Once it gets a hold of you, it stays for the rest of your life, albeit sometimes it’s stronger and otherwise weaker.

But there’s another indoor activity that I like to do: spending quality time with my family. Through all the years I was rising through the ranks as an aspiring player, my family have supported me not only by being there during trying times, but also financially, in the beginning of my career, for many, many years. Spending time with my friends is also very important to me, I do try to go out every now and again, especially at the cinema. I would say that new releases have their merits.

Playing tennis also helps me maintain my passion for new cultures.

But most of all, I enjoy travelling. It’s a really good thing that playing a lot of international tournaments, once gets a chance to see the world, and meet new cultures at their place of origin. What man has built is truly impressive, and every culture on the globe contributes to the diversity as a race and ultimately, a little bit, to our own personal growth as human beings.

Like tile upon tile that, when stuck together masterfully, create the most glorious mosaic, I like to build upon this each time I have the chance, and add another piece to my knowledge of this impressive human race.

That’s just about it. I know we’re in agreement with most of the things here. Most of us do like to travel. We like to watch movies and spend time with our families. Do what makes you happy. And  always try to find yourself in what you do, no matter what it is that you are doing.

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